• If you are going on vacation, traveling for business or experiencing an injury that prevents you from practicing, suspending your membership may be a good option for you.
  • Membership suspension minimum is 30 days.
    • Memberships cannot be suspended midmonth and rolled over into a subsequent one.
    • Suspensions longer than one month will reset your billing date based on the date you restart your membership term.
    • For instance, if your billing date is June 15th and you want to suspend until August 1st, your new billing dates going forward will be on the 1st of the month.
    • If you have travel plans for a part of a month and want to suspend membership but want to attend classes for the other parts of the month, you can use class passes during the suspension period. We’re happy to help find the most affordable option to fit your schedule.
  • Membership suspensions require 14 days notice before your next billing date.
  • Suspensions are allowed up to two times per year for a maximum total of three months per year.
  • Suspension requests must include a start and finish date – sorry, no open-ended suspension requests will be accepted.
  • To make the process easy and straightforward, all membership suspension requests must be made using our online form so the notice date will be recorded automatically when you submit your request.
  • If you are considering canceling your membership, we do not allow suspended memberships to be cancelled. Your membership must be active for one month prior to cancellation.
  • Please review the following suspension policy prior to submitting your suspension request:

Suspension Policy, effective 8/1/14

I understand that I can suspend my membership if submitted at least 14 days prior to my next automatic payment. Membership suspensions are based on my billing date. The membership suspension form I’ll be using logs my request and the Membership Coordinator will email a final confirmation that my suspension has been processed and the dates the suspension is effective, including my next payment date.

I understand that I can only suspend my membership twice per year for up to three months total. I understand my payment will automatically restart upon the predetermined date, unless I notify Tranquil Space for an earlier reactivation date. I understand that I cannot cancel my membership while it is suspended. Memberships cancelled while suspended will incur one additional monthly payment prior to being cancelled. My membership will be active for the entire month after that final payment. Tranquil Space does not pro-rate refunds or allow extensions and/or transfers for a suspended membership.


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