stretchingQ: How is premium membership different than basic membership?

A: Both levels of membership include unlimited yoga classes. Premium members receive enhanced benefits, including free workshops((Almost all workshops are eligible for premium members to take for free. A limited number of specialty workshops are not included and will be clearly identified. Premium members may attend these at a 25% discount.)), mat storage, unlimited guest passes and more.

Q: How many free workshops can I attend as a premium member?

A: Monthly premium members may attend one workshop per membership cycle for free, and then additional workshops at a 25% discount.

Q: Can I sign up for my free workshops online?

A: Yes, and it should work seamlessly for most workshops.  If you run into any issues you can always sign up through the front desk or call either studio.

Q: I used my workshop credit for this month, but want to sign up for a workshop next month and the system won’t let me?

A: Monthly premium members’ workshop credit renews on their next payment. You’ll be able to sign up online at the beginning of your next monthly payment cycle.

Q: I see an upcoming workshop and I don’t have a credit remaining. Can I still reserve my spot?

A: Yes. All reservations must be paid so you can reserve it anytime by purchasing the workshop with your 25% discount. The second option would be to wait until the beginning of your next payment cycle and use your new credit to reserve the spot then.

Q: Do workshop credits roll over for monthly premium members?

A: No. Premium members may use their workshop credit for one workshop within the month of their payment cycle. Unused credits do not roll over to the next month.

Q: What should I do if I can’t make the workshop I signed up for?

A: Please either cancel online in advance (72 hours or more) or call the front desk. Please keep in mind workshops are different from classes in that the teachers do additional preparation based on the number of people signed up.

Q: Unlimited guest passes? For real?

A: Yes! Premium members can bring as many guests to the studio as they’d like. Any person can be a guest, whether they’ve been to Tranquil Space before or not, but a person can only be a guest only once. For example, premium member Rebecca may bring yogi Tom as her guest once. Premium member Sam cannot bring yogi Tom as a guest on another occasion. Premium member Adelle’s mother and two sisters are in town for a visit and are all new to Tranquil Space – she can bring all three as her guest to a class. Please note all guests check in at the front desk with the premium member and must show a photo ID before class.

Q: Can I switch my mat storage to a different Tranquil Space studio?

A: Yes, you can move your mat to another Tranquil Space studio without a problem – just let the front desk know. You can only have mat storage at one studio per membership.

Q: I’m a basic member now, but would like to upgrade to premium membership. Pretty hard, right?

A: Not at all – simply fill out our online membership level change form and we’ll make it all happen.