I’ll be out of town for a week – can I prorate my monthly membership?

No, all monthly memberships are one-month terms. You are welcome to suspend your membership and attend classes with passes or drop-ins during the weeks you are in town, but that is often more expensive than maintaining membership. We are happy to help you determine if suspending your membership makes sense financial sense for your specific travel situation!  Please inquire at the desk or email our yoga advisor, Gretchen, at advisor@tranquilspace.com.

I have a lot of last minute work events and travel that come up, how do I know I am getting the best deal for how often I practice?

Tranquil Space membership is the most affordable yoga we offer if you practice at least once per week, or 5 times per month total.  To reference the cost per class based on how often you practice across all of our payment options, click here.

Can I suspend or cancel my membership over the phone or in person?

To ensure we keep accurate records of all requests, Tranquil Space requires all suspension and cancellation requests to be made using our quick and easy online forms. Our membership coordinator will respond within 24-48 hours confirming your request.

When can I cancel a monthly membership?

Monthly memberships may be canceled after two months.

Can I change membership levels?

Yes, any member can change from monthly basic to monthly premium or vice versa anytime before their next payment date. Simply ask the front desk and we will process the change before your next payment. Membership will continue at the new level’s rate each following month. Members retain their benefit levels until the day of their next membership payment (i.e. premium members moving to basic membership can continue to enjoy their mat storage benefit through the end of their paid premium month).

Can I share a membership?

Sorry, all memberships are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

DO YOU OFFER annual memberships?

No. All memberships are month-to-month for maximum flexibility for you and your practice.

I have a question about premium membership benefits.

Read the Premium Membership FAQs.