• You can cancel your monthly membership anytime after 2 months
  • Cancellations require a 30 day notice prior to your billing date.
  • Tranquil Space makes exceptions to the notice period for military leave, pregnancy, injury, or unforeseen relocation outside of the DC/Arlington area. In these instances, we will waive the 30 day cancellation policy if notified prior to the automatic payment date.*

Please review the following cancellation policy prior to submitting a cancellation request.

Cancellation Policy, effective 8/1/14

I understand my membership will be cancelled if I submit the web cancellation online form at least 30 days prior to my next automatic payment. Membership cancellations are based on my billing date. The membership cancellation form I’ll be using logs my request, and the Membership Coordinator will email a final confirmation that my cancellation has been processed and the date the cancellation is effective.

I understand that I cannot cancel my membership while it is frozen/suspended. Tranquil Space does not pro-rate refunds or allow extensions and/or transfers for a suspended membership.

*If your cancellation request falls within these categories, Tranquil Space may request supporting documentation (i.e. a doctor’s note, a copy of your transfer or deployment orders, etc.) depending on the circumstances

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