Rest + Recovery for Athletes

buechel-photo-1Rest and Recovery for Athletes, a workshop focused on athletic techniques for mental focus and mobility for hamstrings, shoulders, and wrists.

Do you need time to set new training goals or re-establish plans after a set-back you’ve faced with an injury or personal change? Feel like you hit a wall with training or unsure how to stretch or apply recovery techniques? We will begin the session exploring the importance of mental strength for athletes. Students will spend time journaling and completing guided writing exercises to explore sankalpa (intention setting) applied to athletic training. You will learn how to incorporate meditation as a part of training to set new goals or overcome challenges.

The session will conclude with an active yoga practice and mobility tips and tricks using tennis and lacrosse balls focused on the hamstrings, shoulders, and wrists. If you are training for a race, CrossFit Hopper, or a coach or fitness instructor looking to deepen your knowledge of mental focus you will walk away with tips and tricks for using yoga as a supplementary training program.

$35, online early bird registration for $30, premium members can use their workshop credit.

Tranquil Space Arlington
Saturday 4/8, 5-7pm

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