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Pacifying Pitta Workshop

Thousands of years ago, beneath the full moon on hot summer nights in India, Ayurvedic vaidyas, or healers, collected dewdrops from blue and white lotuses and stored them for medicinal purposes. According to the scriptures, if you place a drop of this precious substance on your tongue, it will cool your entire body. This “moon sweat” pacifies the pitta dosha, the subtle energy that controls metabolism and can cause you to overheat when it’s hot outside.

The summer months cause us to have excess pitta with symptoms of dehydration, sweat, and feeling irritable. Balance the summer months with an hour and ½ yoga practice dedicated to cooling poses, while applying calming and centering Citrus and Floral essential oils during a meditation practice. The practice will draw our awareness in the abdomen, where pitta dosha is concentrated in the small intestine to bring balance to the body.

After the practice, we will spend time enjoying tasty refreshments with sweet, bitter, and astringent flavors to aid in pacifying Agni, the fire element– pitta dosha in our belly. Aromatherapy will be used.

$30, register by a week prior and pay $25. Premium members can use their workshop credit or enjoy 25% off.

Tranquil Space Arlington
Saturday 8/19, 5-6:30pm

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