From the very beginning, Tranquil Space has given back to the community. Our philanthropy is rooted in the core principles of yoga, the yamas and niyamas (do’s and don’ts if your Sanskrit is a little rusty). Tranquil Space focuses its work on charities that work on animal welfare, environmental, and women’s issues.

star in sky studio

Reclaimed barn wood floor at the Dupont Circle studio

Tranquil Space’s environmental stewardship values are expressed in everything we do at the studio:

  • Reclaimed building materials used at both studios, a former Virginia barn that is taking on a second role as the flooring and benches at the Dupont Circle studio. The boutique also features reclaimed floor joists from the building rehab as shelving in the boutique.
  • Green cleaning products used at both studios by our staff and cleaning partner.
  • Our regular yoga blanket washing pickup and dropoff is done by cargo bike through WashCycle!
  • We feature environmentally friendly products in our boutiques. TranquiliT clothing line uses sustainable bamboo in the manufacture of its fabric.

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.—Margaret Mead

Kimberly at Farm Sanctuary

A portion of all our proceeds benefit:

farm sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary protects farm animals from cruelty, and inspires change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promotes compassionate vegan living.

Tranquil Space FoundationTranquil Space Foundation is the sister affiliated charity to Tranquil Space. Since 2006 we have developed and led Tranquil Teens programming for over 600 girls and donated over $26,000 to like-hearted charities supporting women and girls. Mid-2017 we’ll be launching our new program, the Pigs and Pugs Project.


Trees for the Future is an agroforestry charity that plants trees for their ecological benefits while also benefitting people in need by combining agriculture and forestry to create integrated and sustainable land-use systems.

In addition to our main charitable partners, Tranquil Space holds rotating charity classes at its Arlington and Dupont Circle studios. All proceeds for these classes benefit a different charity chosen in advance of the class.

feedingthecowsTranquil Space founder Kimberly Wilson feeding sacred cows on an India yoga retreat.